Dear Andre fans

I have had a very busy month with school and family.  But did manage to fit in a concert.

On May 16 I took my Grand daughter Cassandra to the concert in Detroit.  We met John
and Bobbie deJong and Laurie Crowley at a hotel before the concert and from there went
to the concert in Auburn Hills.    The concert was wonderful and it was great to see Carmen
Monarcha perform "Mio Bambino Caro" during this second leg of the Spring concert tour.
We were told Laura Engel was ill, and Carmen was a last minute substitute.    Mirusia
sounded even better than in Philadelphia and Atlantic City.   What a beautiful voice she
has!  Bolero impressed again and Cassandra had a ball and danced up a storm.    

After the concert John and Bobbie, Laurie, Cassandra and I went back to the same Hotel
to have a drink.   Andre and the Orchestra stayed in that hotel and when they returned from
the Venue, we went to meet them in the lobby.   
Both Carmen and Mirusia were very charming and I was able to take a picture of them with my grand daughter.
Mirusia was cute and worried about how her hair looked.   She had nothing to worry about she is a beautiful girl
and she looked very pretty.    Of course, by now you all know my favorite bass player and he too posed with
Cassandra.   Carmen told me she is still working on a web site and Frank Steijns is going to help her.  
I took my whole family to Gatlinburg to celebrate my Mom's 85th birthday. We rented a large Cabin with hot tub and
on a river so the boys could fish.  It was a complete surprise for Mom and we had a great time,   

But whenever I leave, something happens at the Rieu front.  And by now most of you have heard that Andre will be
giving a concert in 'de Efteling'.    Carla told me some time ago that the new DVD will be a fairy tale, I should have

The Efteling is Holland Fairy tale Forest, or at least that is what it started out to be, by now many other attractions
have followed and it is no longer just a fairy tale Forest, but that part of the Park is still there and still just as much
fun.    As a child I went a few times, and by coincidence, last year I went with my brother and his family.

The fairy tale part of the Park is very nice and has well known fairy tales like sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Hansel
and Gretel, Rapunzel and little Red Riding Hood as well as less known Fairy tales.   For instance Long Neck, the red
dancing shoes, the Indian water lilies, (a lovely fairy tale written by Queen Fabiola of Belgium) and the wolf and the
seven goats, there is a donkey who lifts its tale and gold coins come out, a flying Fakir, a smoke breathing dragon,
there are toad stools to sit on and small gnome houses to explore, and much more.

One of the things I remember best from when I visited as a child is the 'Holle Bolle Gijs' Trash cans.    These are
trash cans in the form of a fat Man, he is based on a Dutch poem.   When you walk by the trash cans will say: Papier
hier. (Paper here)   If you throw something in the mouth of the trash can he will say,  "Dank je wel"  (Thank you).  I
have even heard him burp.  The result is 'De Efteling' is squeaky clean.  The kids keep looking for trash to put into
the mouth of Holle Bolle Gijs!
Cassandra showing of her     Dancing up a storm.                   Cassandra and Franco                And with Carmen and Mirusia
Limburg flag.    
Another cute little attraction is the gnome who points his thumb to the restrooms and says "Kleine Boodschap"  
(Little errand).  

Many new attractions have been added including a version of Disney's Small World,
and the latest new ride is the Flying Dutchman, which opened on April first.    Before
I forget, you will also find a fun parade in De Efteling.   Last year we watched this
parade:  A man in costume with a flag and baton, next about 12 or so Canadian
Geese strutting behind him and bringing up the rear another man in costume with
a little drum.   They walk all around the park and it is amazing how the geese stay
in step.  

You can find more information about De Efteling at  Here you
can read the web site in English.   

Andre will have his concerts on June 22 and 23 and there will be a rehearsal on June 21.  Several of our Dutch fan
friends will be going and I hope to be able to get something on the site before I leave for Holland on July 4.    I read
in one of the Dutch papers that some preliminary filming at the Efteling has already been done, so the DVD will have
a very nice fairy tale back ground and feel to it.   

Janny wrote she heard the first music piece of the CD: 'The Cinderalla Waltz'.  Sergio Prokofiev wrote a Cinderella
Waltz.       Of course the song in the Disney movie Cinderela is also called the Cinderella Waltz,   And Rodgers and
Hammerstein also wrote a composition by that name for a TV musical, We will find out in a few days.  

For the fans who will join me in Holland, we will again have a fan meeting picnic in the City Park in Maastricht.    
Many of us will meet at dinner in Charlemagne and I am looking forward to seeing old and new friends.      I am sure
we will all have a great time.
Print out the walks Ineke and Ruud put together and you can sightsee in Maastricht and walk past Andre's Castle
and passed the house he was born in.  Someone in Maastricht told me that his mother still lives in that house. (?)  

Ineke sent me the following and it may be useful for others going to Maastricht to read it.

Last info about Maastricht 2007

Tip: print it and take it with you. Don't forget to mail me your dinner choice (menu 1, 2, 3 or 4) if you are joining the

General information:
Be aware of pickpockets at the airport and in trains, so be sure your money and tickets are in moneybelts or inside
pockets and watch your luggage all the time. At the airport are money machines and a bank to get Euros.
The trainticket Office is in the big central hall of the airport. Follow the people in the direction of the exit and you'll
see it (or ask it, for almost everybody speaks English). Price for a one way ticket to Maastricht is 27,60 Euros. The
trains will leave from platform 1 - 2 (two sides of the same platform) twice an hour, at .. h. 14 and ..h. 44. You have
to take the rolling stairs down to the train platforms (they are underneath the airport). You take the train to
EINDHOVEN. In Eindhoven you have to change. You arrive at platform 2 and the next train leaves from platform 1
(the same platform) to MAASTRICHT. The whole trip by train will last three hours. After one and a half hour, you'll
arrive at Eindhoven.
From the trainstation in Maastricht it is a half an hour walk to the hotel. You can take a taxi.
Be sure you have cash money for not so many taxicabs accept creditcards.

Creditcards: Best for Holland are Visa or Mastercard. I heard at present you have to know the pincode of your
creditcard. Be sure you know!

Address Hotel: Best Western Hotel DuCasque, Helmstraat 14,  6211 TA Maastricht. Tel. +31 (Holland) 43
(Maastricht) 3214343. Internet: (It is nice to click "webcam" to see what is going on on the
Vrijthof Square, specially in the week of the concerts, you could follow the building up of the Rieu circus!) E-mail:
info@hotelducasque. In the same street of the hotel is a money machine and a supermarket (AH) where you can
buy the sandwiches and drinks for the fans picnic, or a bottle of wine for the hotel room!

We'll have a FANSDINNER in Cafe Charlemagne (known from bonustracks at DVD "Love around the world".
Date and time: Friday July 6th at 6 PM (till 8 PM), first floor, reserved for the fans. The concert will start at 9.30 PM,
so you'll be in time. Till now I got 35 fans who want to join.
Address: Onze Lieve Vrouweplein (our dear Lady square) 24, 6211 HE Maastricht. Tel. +31(Holland) 43
(Maastricht) 3219373. It is a simple Cafe. Dinner (plateservice) is 12 Euros. Drinks are about 2 (beer and sodas) or
3 Euros (wine). They want to know your dinner choice in advance, so mail we what you want to eat:
1. Filet Mignon (please add: rare, medium or welldone), 2. Fish (red snapper). 3. Meal salad with tuna. 4. Traditional
Maastricht recipe of "Zuurvlees" (kind of stew). The meat and the fish plates (1 and 2) are served with salad and
French fries.
We'll have a few tables for 6 - 8 persons, and the management prefers to present the bill per table. So please, bring
some cash money to be able to pay the right amount for your meal and drinks. That Andre Rieu weekend is a crazy
weekend for the horeca, we must reach them a hand!

FANSPICNIC will be at Saturday July 7th at 12 (noon) in the citypark opposite the bastion Vijf Koppen (Five heads).
Bring your own lunch and drinks. Last years we met about 50 fans from all over the world.

To avoid misunderstandings I'll mention here for whom I am keeping the concert tickets! Ruud and I are in room 583
in Hotel DuCasque and I'll give you the tickets in Maastricht.
The Plewa's (8 tickets), The Henise's (3 tickets), Anne Buch/Marian (2), Arie Bussemaker and friend (2), Ruth and
Jim Morgan (2), Laurie and Noel Crowley (2), Sue Berry and Joan Leavitt (2).

Did not you forget anything?
- Your concert tickets - passport - creditcards - flight tickets - in case St.Peter or Clara were not home: a thin all
covering raincoat or poncho (no umbrella's, for people behind you want to see Andre as well) - good walking shoes -
your Andre T-shirts or sweaters - a red flower - banners - small flag of your country to wave - your printed city walks
- the city map of Maastricht. For the people in Hotel DuCasque: binoculars to watch the concert from your hotelroom
and for the light sleepers maybe earplugs, for you a in the living heart of the city! The weather in Holland is never
predictable, so count on warm clothes as well.

See you all in Maastricht. Have a wonderful time!!
Any other questions: Mail me.

Ineke (and Ruud of course).

Today I read the following article in the Dutch paper!    

Netherlands, I am back.

Success is smiling at the violinist from Limburg.  In the first half of this year alone Andre
Rieu and his orchestra performed concerts in France, Germany, Austria, the USA and
Switzerland.     In the Netherlands he had seen just about every hall and performance arena.  
"Then I went outside the country, but now I am back".
"For years I have wanted to do something with dreams and fairy tales" Andre starts, "Dreams are very important for
people!  When you have no dreams, you have nothing to stand for or to look forward to.
I always try to work hard so my dreams will come true.  While colleques in the Limburg Symphonie Orchestra were
talking about the union, I was already dreaming about my own Orchestra.   I put my shoulders under it and managed
to succeed.  That is the other side of your dreams, you have to work hard to make them come true, it does not
happen by itself".   
Now it is true that Andre has character and energy going for him.  The man from Limburg hardly knows what
relaxing is.  I cannot sit still for a whole day", he laughs.   I never go on vacation, now no, maybe once in a while.  
But then again, I am on vacation all the time.   Because when I perform I feel like a fish in water.   
All the same I am going to reduce the number of concerts.   The last few years we performed on stage about 120
times a year.  That will be reduced to about
50 to 60 times a year, but then much bigger.   With ballets, with a
golden coach.  The decor of the palace of Schonbrunn as decor.   We are away from home now so often that we
have to go bigger.   Performing is lots of fun, but being home is wonderful too.   

I do not at all like to hear that, but it certainly could be the reason we have not heard anything about the schedule
for 2008 yet.   I also think there will be a tour to Australia, so I am not sure how or what he is going to cut, but I do
not at all like the sound of it.   

And last but not least. the score of both the Dutch and German person of the year contest.

                   Holland            Germany
1                                Andre Rieu                     20.744             1. 15.329         

2                                Elvis Presley                 18.402             6.  2.591

3                                Carmen Monarcha      10.504              2. 7.946

4                                Suzan Erens                 9.904               3. 7.239

5                                  Carla Maffioletti          9.188               4. 6.834

6                                 Manoe Konings            7.418             
 They used a picture of Manoe that I took
                                                                                                                   of her in Cleveland.

9.                                 Marjorie Rieu              6.847              5. 4.863  

10                                Pierre Rieu                  6.738             
 Manoe, and Pierre were not entered in the German
                                                                                                               contest.  We can add them and Mirusia next year.

As you can see he is still doing very well.   A clean sweep still in Germany.   Keep it up and he will have a double

I will be going to Holland and to the concerts in Maastricht.  I am leaving the fourth of July and returning August 8.   I
do hope to put some information on the site about the concerts in the Efteling before I leave.    
You can still write me, I do have access to a computer in Holland, but please do not sent jokes or things of that
nature, it clogs up my server very quickly when I cannot get to the mail daily.
I wish everyone a wonderful summer
Gnome at the Efteling
pointing at the restrooms.