Dear Fan Friends.

A new news letter just before I am off to Vienna and Maastricht.     
As many of you have read  on the site I have been very busy with family business.   A brand new man
in my life and I am so in love.           

There is some news about the tour for 2007.   The first date I have heard of is Sunday, April 15, in
Atlantic City.   Since that means they are working on the tour for next year, I would suggest everyone
call you local PBS station and ask if they are sponsoring a concert.   Some stations will take advance
reservations.   And with Andre's popularity on the rise, it is the best way to get good seats.   If you
hear of any dates, please let me know so I can spread the word.  

I also heard they are trying to get the concert in Liberty Park on the way, but have not heard anything
definite yet.

The Rieu organization is in the process of moving one of their top level people (Roel van Veggel) over
to New York City to man the new office there.   Anyone interested in a secretary job?  That sure
would make for great inside information.   

Of course I will be out of touch during the Vienna and Maastricht concerts, but I do have a computer in
Holland (slow and old) and can post news to my guestbook.    So read the guestbook while I am gone.
   I will leave July 4 and return July 29.  I will be at both concerts in Vienna and at all three in
Maastricht.   I shortened the trip by two weeks, so I can work on my house a bit before I have to go
back to school.

For those of you going to Maastricht we are planning on a get together on Saturday July 15, at noon,
in the City park by the fountain.    If you need more instructions drop me a note.  Bring your own cold
chicken, lemonade and blanket.  
Do not forget your red flower and name tag!
Last year we had over 50 fans join us from many different countries and it was very nice to meet
them.   I hope this year we can meet even more fans.    Please wear your red flower and a nametag
would be very helpful for everyone.     We know many names but do not always know the faces that
go with them.  

The fountain in Maastricht.
If you are going to Vienna and would like to meet other fans let me know and we try to come up with
something.    I am looking forward to seeing Carmen again and am making a banner that says
Carmen, please come back

Of course by now you all know I sometimes get these of the wall ideas, well I have another one.     
Let me know what you think.     You see cars all over the US with these ribbons, support our troops,
against breast cancer, etc.   Well you can design these yourself and special order them, and I thought
it would be a nice idea to make an Andre ribbon.   Problem is of course that they are not free, so I
would like to know how many of you would be interested in buying a ribbon.   The more I order the
less expensive they will be.   I do not want to make money on them but do not want to lose it either.    
I think it would be fun to have fans drive around with these ribbons.  I think Andre would get a kick out
of seeing them on the highway and they would make a nice idea for our foreign  fans too.  They do not
have those ribbons in Europe and when Thea and Sigrun were here they took some home with them.   
Let me know what you think.   I cannot do anything about it until I get back but should be able to get it
going before the next tour.   Any suggestions on what they should look like are welcome too.    The
majority rules here.    

Please keep voting for our Andre at , he is doing well and has come up to
number 22.    Considering that we started late and have to come from behind that is quite good.   
Several fans are now also voting on Suzan Erens.  You can vote more than once, just not for the same
person.   So if you have time vote for Suzan too.   It works the same just go to the E for Erens instead
of the R for Rieu.     I think she is on the second page of the e's.

I have just added a page about Sisi on my site.   Ineke was inspired by the beautiful Suzan in her Sisi
outfit.   Come have a look and leave a note in the guestbook.    So many people look at the site and
so few write in the guestbook.   I can see how many people come to the site (about 500 a day)  but
the fans who help me with the site by writing and translating cannot see this and it would be nice if
they saw some comments on the work they do.      

Again I cannot do this website without the help from fans, so if you find out any dates for next year's
concerts please let me know.   Last year Andre listed the concerts pretty quickly but in years past the
concerts were not listed on his website until well after all the good seats were sold.   So help the other
fans and sent the info.

Have a great summer.

PS For those among the fans who are now saying I should have gone this year.   Last year I tried to
organize a tour to the concerts and to Holland, but started too late with it.  While in Holland I am
planning to see the girl who was organizing the tour for me.   Andre will again have the concerts next
year.  I do not know exactly when but know that there is a contract with Maastricht through 2007, so if
you are interested keep this in mind.   I will  talk about it some more after I get back.   I will see what
the travel agent says.   This year they had tickets  for the group in  row 10 in the front middle block, so
great seats.  
Last year they quoted me around $1000.- for a week tour.   You would have to take care of your own
airfare, which in summer is pretty expensive.     

Hello again.

One more quick note for those going to Vienna.     Ineke suggested that we meet on Saturday
at noon in the city park in Vienna by the statue of Johann Strauss.    A great idea since the
fans going to Vienna, I am sure, would like to see that anyway.   This way you can do one of
the touristy things and meet at the same time.    How fun a group picture of Andre fans from
all around the world in front of the Statue. (I will bring my banner)  I hope to see you all there!!!!

Have a great Sunday.

PS The statue can be found in the Stadt Park  The black #2 on the map.   
You can find this map on website
It will give you a picture at each number of one of the best places to see in Vienna.
There is also much more information on that site if you are interested.