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Dear Andre friends,

As we suspected Andre will be going to Australia.   I am sure that is why we do not know anything about a concert
schedule for next year.   

Andre Rieu is going to Australia
                                          De Telegraaf.     20-06-2007
                                   Translation Sonja/ Thank you for the article Sue.

Next year a  long cherished dream of Andre Rieu will come true.   The violinist, who this weekend will have three
concerts in the Efteling is going to perform in Australia!
He said this to the Telegraaf. "My personal assistant has departed last week to bring things together.  We want to
perform in Melbourne and Sydney, but Perth is also on the list.

Rieu, who gives three midsummer night performances in 'De Efteling; is tremendously popular 'down under'.   "I am
with seven dvd's in the top twenty of Australia". the musician who has already toured through Asia and the US says:
" At the moment there is no other country where I am that popular."  

In Australia are relatively few concerts by foreign artists.   This must be due to the fact that it is very expensive to
ship everything you need to that continent.   

And one more remark.  As you have been able to see I have added a map to the front page of the site.   As you can
also see people on the site come from all over the World.   Please, once in a while drop us a note.  It really is nice
to hear from other fans and fun to talk to people from all over the World.    

Have a Wonderful Day   

                            Liefetjes  Sonja