Dear fans.

First of all I like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Musical New Year.

I have some great news, at least it is good news to all of you who go to Andre's concerts to listen to Andre's Music.    
The Gospel Choir will not be on tour with Andre in April.  So in April I will be going to Philadelphia and Atlantic City
and will not have to bring ear plugs.            That is what one fan who went to the concert in Trier wrote, she told me
that is just what she did, put in earplugs!    She wrote to me "They really are loud, shouting & screaming an
unrecognizable melody".   She did mention that the Choir did not take up as much time as she feared and did like it
when they sang together with Andre's choir.  However she did say when they sang on their own they were very loud.

As I said in the letter I sent out after the Toronto concert, one of the big concerts in 2007 will be the concert of
December 15,  in Toronto.  At this time the plan is that the Buffalo PBS WNED will be sponsoring and they will have
good seats to offer, the Rogers Center has  A-4 and A-5 blocked of for them. It looks like they will not start their
on-air promotion until their next pledge drive in March. However the tickets will be quite a bit more expensive than
last year.   Seats in the front rows were $500.00 for two last year.  Several fans asked me if there will be a second
concert.  At this time there is just one concert scheduled, but they do have an option for a Friday night concert if the
center mostly sells (out).  The way they have the hall it will hold about  33,000.  The decision for a second concert
will be made by the Rieu organization in April or May.  I heard they can't do Sunday since another group will be
using the facilities. Here is the map for the concert so kindly sent to me by Herb

We think the circles are the fountains, we were told about, the red rectangles the skating rinks and the gray half
circle the Castle decor.   Looks very interesting, but we will have to wait until next December 15.   
I have made reservations at the Renaissance Hotel, it is right next door and very convenient.  In the past Andre and
his orchestra have always stayed in that Hotel so that is an added bonus.    However it is very expensive and they
hiked the price even more for the concert.

As most of you know the Dutch television is showing an Andre soap as they call it.   The TV crew followed him and
is now showing the result in six parts.    Part one can be seen on the website  the second part was last Friday.  Since I wrote this letter and now that
I am adding it to the site, the second part has been added to the site.    I watched the show and several details
about orchestra members became known.   Frank is in love with Sanne, and Tanja has a relationship with Roos, the
stage manager.   Jet and Ton have now been married for three years.   There are quite a few video clips on this site


                                                                    I have now seen this painting of Marjorie in several different places.
                                                                    Including in legitimate magazines and on Dutch TV.   It is a painting
                                                                    that hangs in the hall of the castle, next to a painting of Andre.   I will
                                                                    not post a picture of her on the site, where you could recognize her,
                                                                    since I respect her wish for privacy, but I guess it would be
                                                                    okay to add the painting in the news letter since it can been at several     
                                                                     places, including a Dutch TV program.      I first thought maybe    
                                                                    Marc had painted these paintings in the castle hall, but the paintings I
                                                                    have seen from Marc Rieu are only signed with his last name and
                                                                    the signature on this painting does not look like it.  

For the fans who will travel to Toronto,  Chris was kind enough to sent me the following information.  
Here's a heads-up reminder to all U.S. citizens traveling by AIR to the Toronto concert '07:  
As of January 23, 2007, passports will be required when flying between the U.S. and Canada.  (In Jan. 2008,
passports will also be required via land or ferry). For those who don't already have passports, it wouldn't hurt to get
paperwork started now.  Passport application volume has increased 34 percent compared to the same time last year.

Carmen has sent the following note to Sigrun who forwarded it to me, to share with the fans,
..... "I also received your Christmas card, and it's already under my tree!
I've been working a lot and traveling around Brasil, that's why I took so long to answer, but I could never let
Christmas pass by without saying hello.
I wish all the best for you and your family, lots of health, peace, happiness and music, always a lot of music!
I'm already working on my website and will be ready in the beginning of next year.
I would like to ask you a favor - as i don't have much time, could you wish merry Christmas to everyone of your
friends that were in Vienna/Maastricht last time? Say I care for them too and hope that we keep in touch once the
website is ready.

Well, hoping to here from you soon,
thank you for all,

Big kiss

One more time the address for the pictures of Sue Berry.  She has added some more pictures and there are a total
of 87 now.  Her daughter, a photographer, made the pictures and did a fantastic job.

The following address is an interview with Andre on the Belgium Television.   He speaks Dutch and it has clips of
the concert in New York.

For those of you who do not know yet.   The competition for man of the year has started again.    There is now a
second competition for man of the year in Germany.   Let's give it a really good try this year.  If we all work at it we
can make him man of the year in both countries.   He deserves it, for Germany go to     Right now is in first place by far.    Let's keep it that way.    Go to zwischenstand
to see what the score is for the year so far.   
For the Dutch competition go to   Here you can go to tussenstand to see what the
total score it so far.   In both competitions Andre is number one.    Carmen, Carla, Suzan and Marjorie are doing well
too.   For more information on how to vote go to my website and go to the
information page.    Both competitions
work the same way and you need to follow the directions to have your vote count.

                                                 So much for the news this month.   I have added a little video to my website.
                                                 Ruud sent me the video clip of Andre and the Josti band.    I have added it to the
                                                 website go to pictures.   Thank you much Ruud.

                                                I also added some information for those of you who asked about my Disney trip.  I
                                                have added it to the Sonja Page.   We had a great time and hope to do something
                                                special like it again next year.    Thank you again for the help with the voting for