Alaaf, Helau, Happy Carnival

Dear Andre fans.

We all hope our favorite Maestro, his Orchestra and crew are having a wonderful
Carnival.     I have made a few changes to the page I have about Carnival on my site.  
You can find it under Misc.

You can also see some of it on the Webcam which is on the Vrijthof.  You can go to and click on webcam, or you can go direct to the site with
I took these pictures of the webcam yesterday.   

There also is a great clip taken from this webcam by Sue Berry.   She took these when
Andre's crew was setting up for the concert.   It takes a long time to load but it really is
very interesting to watch.        
Sue's webcam pictures

Then just a short note for those of you who would like to go to the concert in Toronto.   
Good tickets are still available.   Go to   Check the tickets through
the Toronto Star, this will be good until Feb 28.   Use the password Tstar.   Voila, better
tickets.   My site also has some floor tickets for sale, from fans who bought extra tickets.   
Let me know if you are interested.  
I heard Buffalo PBS will start their pledge in March.   They will be selling the first 6 rows
all across and the whole sections A1 and A8. But I also heard the tickets will be
expensive.  They are $600 a pair
It looks like the concert is going to be wonderful from all the plans I hear about.   Many
fans from my site will be there and I hope we can organize a fan meeting.  

I do have to return to the subject of the HGC for just a bit.   There seems to be some
misunderstanding about my feelings toward the HGC.    I have great admiration for the
work the Gospel choir does.   I have nothing against Gospel music, I just do not like it
during Andre's concerts.  And from all the mail I received many of you feel the same way.  
Therefor I suggested you write the helpdesk and Andre's guestbook and not me.    
Andre travels with the second choir called Angels in Harlem, which is the older branch of
the HGC.     They will tour with him until March of 2007 and will also make a special
appearance at the Gelredome in September.  

I have added quite a few things to the site.   Two concerts, one old, one new. Thank you
Monique,  An Astrology chart, just for fun, I do not take a lot of stock in it, but thought it be
fun to read.   Martine helped me with the translation of the French part.  A page on the
gold medal winning skaters.   Of course the Road Soaps, so kindly done for us by Ruud
and Ineke.  
I also added some little things to several pages.  From when Andre bought the castle on
the Misc page to my meeting with Suzan in Toronto on the Suzan page.   Picture of Bela
with the Papuas on the Three Tenor page and a little tidbit about Marc,   I found out that
Pierre is a member of a water ski team.  I really am going to have to do a page on him.    

I also heard from Carmen, At this time she does not have a website yet, hopefully soon.  
But she wrote the following,  If you want me to sent her a message for you let me know
and next time I write her I will enclose it.   Also she did ask what you like to hear her sing.

Hi Sonja,

How are you doing? I hope you and your family are doing fine, and that you had a
wonderful beginning of 2007!

Thank you very much for all your best wishes. I'm sorry to answer you so late, but i've
been very busy and having some internet problems as well lately...
Well, i realize that some fans have a wrong information about my birthday - i received
some cards from other people also, but my birthday is only 27th of august! And i've seen
in some websites the wrong year of my birth as well - i was born in 1979.
Thank you anyway, in this world of competitions best wishes are always welcome!

I have good news, i'll be doing some shows with Andre again this year:
I'll be in the shows of july in Maastricht again, it's not for sure, but probably in the shows in
Arnhem in september and will finish the year doing the shows in Toronto as you asked
before. It was a bit difficult to manage with my brasilian agenda but after a time of
negociation we could arrange it.

I've been dedicating my time to give prived lessons and masterclasses as well. This is
something that i love to do - my mom is a teacher and i think i was born with this gift!

See what you can do, send greetings to everybody, and see you in Toronto!!
I'll be waiting for your answer,
Take care,
big kiss


Next time I write her I can also tell her how well she is doing in the person of the year

New concert dates are starting to trickle in.   Quite a few for October already and now
some are coming in for December.  Again as long as they are not on Andre's agenda they
are not official, but if you local PBS says there will be a concert I think you can be pretty
sure there will be.   If you hear of any dates, please let me know.    I cannot do this
website alone I need all the help I can get.  

In the contests so far Andre is in first place. It would be really great if he would be the
person of the year in both Holland and Germany, so please keep voting.
1 Andre       5912
2 Elvis         5468
3 Carmen     2940   
6 Suzan       2558
9 Carla        2448
13 Marjorie  1649
19 Pierre       922
20 Manoe      917      Keep Andre on top and move the others up by voting

I am happy to tell you that it is an Andre sweep so far in the German contest.  
1 Andre        3972
2 Carmen     2150
3 Suzan        1672
4 Carla         1592
5 Marjorie    1130
6 Elvis           900   Now that one we cannot miss, but you do have to keep voting.   Go to   and vote.   
If you need help, go to my website, go to the information page for an explanation on how
to vote on these foreign language sites.   On this URL you can find some wonderful
pictures of the concert Flensburg in Germany.    

For those of you who have an interest in the DVD Waltzertraum, there is one for sale on  You can go directly to the page by clicking.
Love around the world
This DVD is known under the names Waltzertraum or Love around the world.  It has not
been brought out in the US but Argentina does make versions which can be played here.   
 The DVD is 39.99, and to be honest for that price you almost have a DVD player which
will play PAL DVDs.   Mine was $60.00.
You can find many CDs and DVDs of Andre on Amazon.   Just be careful you do not buy
the same thing twice.   World tour is the same as 'La Vie est Belle, and Golden Classics is
the same as Royal Albert Hall, etc.

You can also get lucky on Ebay  for some older CDs, which are no longer
sold in stores.   I have bought and sold several things on Ebay and will probably offer  "d'n
blauwen Aovond" with the Maastricht Salon Orchestra on Ebay shortly.

                                                 It sold.

If any of you have some fun news for the site or news letter let me know.   This site is a
joined effort.    My thanks to all the fans who help by sending me their dates and

Have a great day