Dear Andre fan friends.

After a great trip home, with concerts in Vienna and Maastricht, I am now back home and hope to get some pictures
on the site soon.

As you could see on Andre's site the concerts in Vienna were like a dream and went by much too fast.  However the
beautiful pictures and wonderful memories will last a life time.

Andre in Vienna
A Knight to remember!

Maastricht was very different and was lots of fun, with many Dutch songs during the encores which we all sang
along, even if you do not know the words you just hum. Andre again spoke in his native dialect.  

Here I will give you some of the gossip I heard from orchestra members and from other fans.

I spoke to Carmen.  She is not coming back, but will at times do specials with Andre.  He had asked her for the NYC
concert also, but she already had a previous commitment.   She was performing in Belem, Brazil.    She told me that
she had not planned on doing concerts in Brazil. She went there to be with her mother and before she knew it, she
had an agent, who scheduled several concert dates for her.   She also told me her apartment in Montreal is ready
and she will be moving soon.   She did not give me a date and said that the agent she has in Brazil will also work on
concerts for her in Canada and other places.
She promised to email me when she has a concert in Canada and when she has her website put up.     

I spoke to Carla, she told me the same thing as last time.   Her contract is over in November.  She will remain in
Holland and will perform there and she too said she would write me, when she knows what she is going to be doing.  
  Of course, Andre may offer her another contract like he did last year, but as of now she told me she would be
leaving the JSO.

I did not speak to Suzan personally, so this is second hand information.    .
I was told by another fan, who did say she talked to Suzan, that Suzan will also leave in November.   She will be
going to Munch to perform in the musical "Elizabeth". A musical about the life of Sisi.   Suzan and Pierre are still very
much a couple as I saw them very loving to each other.    If she does leave it will be a difficult relationship to have
with Pierre on the road so much.  

Marjorie was at both concerts.   She does not like to fly and I heard that she came to Vienna by train with Marc.    
She helped during  the sound check in Vienna and like Andre she rode a bike from one end of the Venue to the other
to make sure the sound was good everywhere.   In Maastricht she also helped.  

Marc also was in Vienna.   I said to him:" Hello, Marc, I am Sonja Harper.  He said:"  I know".  At that point I was not
quite sure if that was a good thing of a bad thing.   However  in Maastricht I did have a bit more time to talk to him
and he said he had been on the website.  He did say there are a few mistakes, but did not elaborate.   I think I will
write him a note to ask if he can correct them.     While we were talking I said to him:"  Marc, I know your Mom does
not want any publicity, and I will not post any pictures of her as long as she does not want that, but all the fans know
that she works hard behind scenes and can you please thank her from me and I am sure I can also speak for many
fans.   He actually became a bit misty and promised he would.   
When we first saw him in Maastricht there were quite a few fans there and he came over as shy.   He seems like a
very nice, sensitive young man.

Of course, I made a special effort to see and talk to  Franco.              Last year I made a little shirt for one of his boys.
 We talked a bit in Vienna and in Maastricht he came looking  for me and was kind enough to bring me a picture of
his sons with his little boy wearing the shirt I made.   I am thrilled he remembered to bring it.  I will scan it in later and
post it on the site.   I did get permission to do so.

Then of course our Maestro himself.  I have to say he looks great.  Before the concerts you can always see the
stress on his face, until the music starts and then it is gone.
With so many people I was not able to talk to him, he did see me and said hello.  Nice to know they recognize their
biggest fans.   

I have already added some new dates for 2007 on my website and if you have heard of any others, please let me
know, so I can post them.    Since they are in full swing getting dates ready I would suggest you call your local PBS
station and ask if they are planning on sponsoring a concert in 2007.  The pledge drive starts early August, so if you
want to be early call now!  A fan in NH already has her ticket because she called and they are sponsoring a concert.  
 She will have great seats!!!   Please let me know if you find out anything.  
So I will save what other tidbits I have for the next letter.
Have a great day.
With Franco Vulcano
With Marc Rieu