Dear Andre Fan Friends.

We all had a wonderful time in Maastricht, come join us next year.
July 4, 5 and 6, 2008.  

                                              Ineke and Ruud made some wonderful pages about the concert experience at
                                              both Maastricht and Vienna.  So there is no use in
                                              my adding another page.  You can find the best pictures of Sue Berry and
                                              several other fans on Sue's picture page.
                                              You can even view them larger which makes for a wonderful slide show.  I have
                                              said I will not go to Holland in July next year, but had such a good time that I      
                                              already changed my mind.    

I enjoyed my time at home, but the weather certainly did not cooperate and we only had about
three days of sun, the rest of the time it was cloudy and rainy.   I did manage to go to the
beach in between the raindrops, and puttered around the canals in Amsterdam in my cousin's
little sloop.   Went to Delft for a day, to Arnhem for a few days,  had a great time with Gemma
and Nand in Belgium, when Ruud and Ineke took Mom and me for a visit and I did lots of
family visits.    I also worked on a Christmas stocking for Lisa (from Ruud and Lin), last year
I made one for Oscar.      

I have added an agenda page to the website for the Spring concerts for 2008. (Laurie made
many phone calls to get these dates for us)  Not all are known yet, so if you hear any
information, please let me know so I can share it with other fans.  I also added a translation with information about
plans for 2008.  "The moon is not too far". on the translation page.  Sue Berry and I worked on a new Parlor.   We
still need to straighten out some kinks but hopefully it will soon be completely operational.  If you have a fun story
you would like to share, sent it to me and I can add it to the Parlor for everyone to read.

John and Bobbie sent me the following about Frank.

The Weerter city carillon player, Franks Steijns, has bought the carillon that Andre
Rieu and he used during their 2006 tour throughout the world. During these
concerts they introduced the public from Germany to Japan and from France to the
United States to this typical Dutch Instrument. Frank will conduct concerts with his
newly acquired instrument and will also use it for educational purposes. The
instrument is currently being re-tuned and re-assembled.
During the next few months, Frank will be the center of attention as Weert is
conducting it's third Weerter Carillon players festival.
The goal is to have the carillon ready on Sunday, 9 September and use it for the
first time as a concert instrument during the closing performances of the Carillon
Tour in the St.Martinus church in Weert.  

I have also updated my link pages on this site.  Check out the great Efteling slide show on Beate's site, the videos
on Arie's and Peggy's site, the Vienna videos on Ruud and Ineke's site to name just a few.  There is also a page
with links to sites from JSO members.  Carla, Carmen and Mirusia all have a myspace page.  Here you can leave
them messages and if they are not too busy they may even answer back.  

By now many of you know that Andre will be going to Australia and if you read my newest translation you will also
find they are also planning on going to Brazil and Mexico.   It will be a very busy year for Andre and his crew.

                                       There is a new Docu-soap about the making of the concert and DVD in de Efteling.
                                       The Efteling will be on German and Dutch TV in Oct and the second half in Nov.  The
                                       Docu-soap will be broadcast on Oct 5, 12, 19, Nov 2, 9 and 16, like the last one there
                                       will be 6 episodes of half an hour, on Dutch TV.   It looks like it is going to be a
                                       fantastic DVD.

For some very nice video clips with subtitles of the concert in Vienna go to  Ruud and
Ineke have again done a super job for the English speaking fans.  

Just a few more months and many of us will be going to Toronto for the first concert with the Schonbrunn decor.  If
you have any tickets you still need to sell, let me know. I have several fans looking for tickets.   Also let me know if
you are going.  I like to make a list so we can meet with all the fans.
Animation picture of the Schonbrunn decor the way it will be set up in Toronto.   Picture by the Andre Rieu group.

There are many new postings on  Go to the site and put in Andre Rieu or one of the singers
Here are some of my favorites.  Andre at the Efteling  Carmen, Carla and Suzan singing Manha de Carnival   Mirusia singing Porgi Amor by Mozart  Rowwen Heze  in Maastricht, they were a fun guest act.

And two older clips of Mirusia from Nov 2006 Mirusia Morgen by Richard Strauss with accompanist Lillian
Camphausen  . Mirusia singing Meinem Kinde by Strauss

Mirusia's CD is on sale through her website.    It is fantastic!

Since there was a picture posted online of Marjorie, there were many questions about the
German article that went with it.   
Although I generally do not post material from
tabloid magazines, many fans asked me to
post a translation of it.  Fans attempted to translate with the online translators, which can sometimes be helpful but
is often only confusing.    The translation of the article follows, but  
remember it is from a tabloid, often these
stories are made up and the picture of Marjorie with the story is clearly taken without her knowledge, therefor  I will
not post it.  I will post a picture of a painting of her that hangs in the entry hall of the castle.   It has been on Dutch
TV several times.     I respect her wish for privacy and will I not publish her picture on my website.  

 André Rieu, the secret about his wife in the shadow.
                                            From:Neue Post (May 2007)  A German tabloid magazine.                                                   
Translated by Ineke Cornelissen/Sonja

He is a world star and about 125 days a year on tour. Often accompanied by his
wife Marjorie, with whom he has been married for over thirty years. The Waltz
King’s wife very rarely steps into the foreground. Behind the scenes she pulls
the strings of love and success.

Neue Post is publishing the secret of André Rieu’s shadow wife. Marjorie created
and developed André Rieu. During his concerts Marjorie often sits in the first
row, unrecognized. She is making notes, adjusting her eyeglasses. This
inconspicuous woman is hardly noticed by the concert attendants. She does not wear glamorous clothes, no make-
up, and her hair is wild en curly as always.

Marjorie, who studied German and Italian to become a language teacher, created for her husband a wonderland of
waltz music. The orchestra and crew count 120 employees. During bigger events the amount of employees
increases to 500. Mrs. Rieu’s influence is enormous. When she speaks, everybody is listening. Some people
secretly answer: “Yes, my general”. Concerning her husband’s career she does not leave anything a chance. At TV
recordings she chooses the color of the tablecloths and the flower arrangements. She writes her husband’s texts.

Friedrich Kraemer, employed at André Rieu’s record company Universal, says: “Few people really know this highly
intelligent and enchanting person. She totally wants to be kept out of publicity”. She explained to “Neue Post” why
she decided to do so. The fame just belongs to my husband and nobody else. I am pulling the strings in the

That exactly constitutes our success. André Rieu says: “Marjorie does not always travel with me. If the preparations
went okay, she stays at home in the castle. She knows that she could be suffocating to me. And Marjorie knows that
she’ll always stay the wife in the shadow. But she knows the secret of our marriage: giving each other space and at
the same time working together to realize a project. That is how feelings of familiarity and togetherness bloomed out
of our love”.

And then to finish this news letter,. the score of both the Dutch and German person of the year contest......

                                                        Holland               Germany
1                        Andre Rieu                   27.982            1.   20.897         

2                         Elvis Presley                 23.897            9.    3.094

3                         Carmen Monarcha        14.707             2.   11.271

4                         Suzan Erens                14.308              3.   10.524

5                        Carla Maffioletti            13.199              4.   10.026

6*                         Bill Kaulitz                 12.099

7                          Manoe Konings          11.441            

8.                          Marjorie Rieu            10.320                5.   7.774  

9                          Pierre Rieu                  8.733              Manoe, and Pierre were not entered in the German
                                                                                                                      contest.  We can add them and Mirusia
next year.

Bill Kaulitz has caught Manoe, he is pretty close to Carla and Suzan, do not let him catch anyone else.   Please
Vote!  As you can see Andre and Co are  still doing very well.   A clean sweep still in Germany.   Keep it up.
Bill Kaulitz is a German rock star, he is best known together with his twin brother Tom from the Rock band Tokio.

Have a great day

And for my Foreign Friends.

Peggy Granz has the the dates for the European agenda for 2008 that we know of so far on her website.  They are
as follows.

Jan 1                          Koln                       Koln-Arena
Jan 2                          Koln                       Koln-Arena
Jan 24                        Trier                       Trier-Arena
Jan 25                        Wetzlar                   Rittal-Arena

Feb 14                      Linz                          Intersport Arena
Feb 15                      Zurich                       Hallenstadion
Feb 20                      Munchen                  Olympia Halle
Feb 21                      Mannheim                SAP Arena
Feb 22                      Stuttgart                   Schleyer Halle
Feb 26                      Hannover                  TUI Halle
Feb 27                      Frankfurt/Main          Fest Halle
Feb 28                      Hamburg                  Colorline Arena

Mar 15                     Dusseldorf                  LTU Arena

Jul 4,5 and 6             Maastricht                   Vrijthof
Jul   15                      Leipzig                        Festwiese
July 19                      Berlin                          Waldbuhne

Graphic by Sue
The traditions stays!  We love to
see you again in 2008!