Carla sang the aria of Olympia, the mechanical doll out of Offenbach's opera "Tales of Hoffmann".  With much
humor and fun, Carla created a wonderful character for her doll which evolved night after night.    She sang this
extremely difficult and acrobatic aria more than 120 times in one year.  
Role : Olympia, a doll
Voice Part : soprano   
Setting : The parlor room of Spalanzani the scientist, 19th century
Synopsis : Spalanzani the inventor winds the life like doll Olympia up to sing for his guests. She sings this song
about the birds and how they sing of the young girl of love.
La chanson d’Olympia

Les oiseaux dans la charmille,
Dans les cieux l'astre du jour,  
Tout parle à la jeune fille d'amour!
Ah!  Voilà la chanson gentille Ah!
La chanson d'Olympia!  Ah!

Tout ce qui chante et résonne
Et soupire, tour à tour,  
Emeut son coeur qui frissonne d'amour!
Ah!  Voilà la chanson mignonne
La chanson d'Olympia! Ah!   
                      "La chanson d’Olympia"  Olympia's Song            
                             from Act I of the French opera, Les Contes d'Hoffmann (The tales of Hoffmann)
                                                           by Jacques Offenbach 1881

                  Carla Maffioletti during the 2003 tour (Live in Dublin), in her terrific and funny role as birthday
                  present for Onkel Eberhard (in Germany), Oncle Honoré (France), uncle Paddy (Ireland, England
                  and USA) and Tjobe-San (Japan).
The Song of Olympia

The birds in the hedges,
The star of daylight in the sky,
Everything speaks to a young girl of love!
This is the sweet song,
The song of Olympia!  Ah!

Everything that sings and sounds
And sighs, in its turn,
Moves her heart, which trembles with love!
Ah!  This is the darling song,
The song of Olympia!  Ah!