Ringing Bells
Translation John de Jong/ Sonja

There up in the tower, they all hang together
those so familiar bells, the big and the small
The small ones always ring happiness, the big ones sometimes sorrow
The wind makes sure that the ringing is heard all over the fields.

Ringing bells of Limburg, my country
Ringing bells strengthen the bond
Let us hear as to what is going on
Ringing bells of Limburg, my country.
Bim-bam, bim-bam, bells of Limburg, my country
Bim-bam, bim-bam, bells strengthen the bond

Those beautiful ringing tones, we listen to them gladly
They will lead us through our all our life here
And when the bells are silent, then is it quiet and still
So we wait and look forward to hear the chiming of the bells again.
Loeënde klokke
(uit 1955, tekst Frits Rademacher, muziek Johnny Hoes)
(Limburgs dialect)

Dao baove in den tore, dao hange ze biejein,
de zoo vertroewde klokke, de grote en de klein.
De klein brink ummer bliedsjap, de grote sóms ouch leid.
De wéndj zörg, dat 't gebeijer wied euver véljer geit.

Loeënde klokke van Limburg mie landj,
Loeënde klokke versjterke de bandj.
Laot ós éns heure, waat sjteit te gebeure,
Loeënde klokke van Limburg mie landj.
Bim-bam, bim-bam, klokke van Limburg mie landj.
Bim-bam, bim-bam, klokke versjterke de bandj.

Die sjoon klinkende klanke, veer heure ze zoo gaer,
Ze wille ós begleije door gans oos laeve haer,
En wen de klokke sjwiege, dan is 't sjtil en kaal,
Veer wachte dan verlangend wei'r op die klokketaal.
On the DVD 'From my Heart', at the end of this song the audience
sings: “Zo een goeie hebben wij nog niet gehad!“ in honor of Frank
Steijns, the city carilloneur of Maastricht and Andre's violinist.   
Litarely  It means: “we never before had such a good one”.   but
“For he is a jolly good fellow” would be a better translation.
In Maastricht the song was played on the Carrilion in the church
tower, Andre has since taken Frank and his bells on the road with
him and they made a small carrilion to tour with.    See Andre and Co
for more info about Frank.
Frank Steijns
Andre Rieu frank steijns information
FRank Steijns Andre Rieu
Thank you Ineke Cornelissen
Frank Steijns, Andre Rieu concert