Mirusia Louwerse

She has been described as 'the most beautiful voice in Australia', but during the Redland Spring Festival she
described herself as homegrown as the strawberries at the Festival.   
Born in 1985 Mirusia is a 21 year old soprano from Birkdale (or Brisbane?).   Her parents
are formerly from the Netherlands and she has the Dutch nationality, she also speaks perfect
Dutch.    Mirusia still has family in Holland, and in 2003 she was a soloist in the Bavelse
Church during the Christmas celebrations, at that time she also sang at the KVO  
(a Catholic Women's organization) in the Netherlands.  

Mirusia is no stranger to the stage, and has been singing at the top level for many years. She is the winner of
numerous vocal competitions and bursaries and has appeared in a variety operas, musicals and oratorios
including principle roles in Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, as First Spirit, the ‘Val Machin Opera Scenes’ in 2005 and
2006, ‘Opera in the Park’, Handel’s ‘Semele’, the role of Nancy in Benjamin Britten’s ‘Albert Herring’ ‘The Wizard
of Oz’, ‘Oliver!’, ‘Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace’, Handel’s ‘The Messiah’ the ‘St Matthews Passion’ by
Bach and Ravell’s ‘L’enfant et les sortileges’ as the Princess.

Mirusia is an award winning soprano who sings many styles of music including opera, musical theatre, pop, jazz
and even country.  She recently recorded her debut album with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, while on
tour.   The new CD is called:  'She walks in Beauty'  It features many styles including a little Japanese and
                                     Italian Pop.  Some of the selections on the DVD, Mio Bambino Caro,
                                     She walks in Beauty, Time to say goodbye, Romanza, Love changes
                                     everything,  Wishing you were somehow here again, Kissing you, You'll
                                     never walk alone.

                                     In June of 2006 Mirusia won the Dame Joan Sutherland award, named in honor
                                    of the famous Australian opera star. (1926)   She beat out six older and more      
                                    experienced singers at the finals.   "I was the baby of the group, I was in
                                    disbelief - in shock. I was speechless. This is something
                                    I have really wanted to win, "she said.  "Ever since I was
                                    a young girl, Dame Joan has been an inspiration to me.  
                                    I admire so  many opera singers, but she has always
                                     been my absolute favorite."  
"I want to appeal to the younger generation. I want to see them get involved with opera.
It's an important part of their heritage and the young people are the ones that who will
carry it on." she said.  Mirusia actually prefers to sing "popera" as her vehicle to give the
classics that younger appeal.   "Popera" uses modern instruments and even a drum
beat."    Despite this she said she performed straight opera to win the 'La Stupenda'
award.   "This is actually only my fourth year singing opera, I sang county music, jazz
music and pop, and I wanted something that is a little more challenging."  "It is like a
progression, getting harder all the time.   "I grew up not really knowing what opera was,
and I love it", and I want to share my passion for opera with the younger generation.  
It is not boring music, it is the most emotional music there is.

"I really enjoyed doing this opera as it was my last one before I graduate at  the end of this semester. It really is a
lot of fun performing with my peers. We always have a wonderful time while we are learning which I think is very
important to getting the most out of the course".  Mirusia said.    

In December 2006 Mirusia finished her studies at Griffith University's Queensland Conservatorium of Music with
high distinction plus an Academic Achievement Award.   

Mirusia, sent her new album to family members still residing in the Netherlands.  They in turn took it to classical
music radio stations in the Netherlands and Belgium resulting in a number of stations playing tracks from the
In February, one family member sent an email to Andre  Rieu asking him to have a look at Mirusia's website and
listen to some of the tracks posted there which he did that day. He was instantly drawn to her remarkably rich
soprano voice, and followed it up by calling Mirusia back at her home in Birkdale.  He asked if she would be
prepared to travel to Brussels to audition for him, and she agreed to travel the very next day.  Two days later, in
his recording studio in Maastricht, Mirusia performed two songs, which clinched the deal for her on the spot.   In
fact, Andre told Mirusia he believed that she has "one of the finest voices I've ever heard".   
Rieu offered Mirusia a contract to perform with him and his orchestra on his tour of North America and Canada
commencing in April.  She will be touring with Andre in April, May, October and December.  

Mirusia is currently recording an album with the Queensland Pops Orchestra 'Songs of Inspiration', and will
embark later this month on a series of performances as the lead female in the 'Scotland The Brave' concerts.  
The show will take Mirusia to Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, and also to Toronto in Canada.   The young singer is
in fact booked to perform more than 50 major concert performances in venues across Europe, New Zealand,
America, Canada and Australia within the next 4 months.

Mirusia has her own website where you can listen to some fragments of her music, here you can also buy her CD.
http://www.mirusia.net     She also has a my space site, here you can sign up for a news letter.
Performance in Holland
with David Muller
Redland Spring Festival  
Mirusia  Homegrown
like these strawberries.
Dame Joan Sutherland,
In September 2006 Mirusia enchanted Opera fans when
she took the stage and played
the storybook princess in Ravel's "The child and the
enchantments" and a woman from
Zanzibar in Poulence's 'The breasts of the Tieresias' in
the Conservatorium's double
feature. "I am playing the princess", then adds with a
laugh, "it was typecasting.
"Princess Mirusia"
Andre Rieu Murisia  www.andrerieutranslations.com
The name Mirusia come from Poland. "It's pronounced
Mee-roo-sha. But people in Australia like to call me
Mah-rish-ha. It is very typical Aussie to pronounce it
that way - we do that with lots of things. :-)"