Ruud Merx and Lin Jong

Ruud Merx and Alina Lin Jong do not live in the city of Maastricht, they live in a nice house in a quiet small town
near Maastricht. Both have been with the JSO for many years.    They have been married since 1999, and Andre
said "Music brings people together, and I am very proud of the fact that two young people from my orchestra have
come together for life. When Lin and Ruud,  were married, their wedding was a large musical celebration.

He also does a great job imitating a dog, he sure fooled me during the concerts in Vienna.In his free time Ruud
heads a badminton team.

Ruud and Lin have two children.   Oscar was born in 2001,  Lisa Johanna was born on 3 February, 2004.  

In May, 2004 I talked to Ruud in Indianapolis, Lisa was just born and Lin was on maternity leave.  I asked if she
would stay with the JSO and he answered absolutely.  He told me Lisa was a doll and he was clearly very proud of
In July, 2005  I had cross-stitched a small t-shirt for Lisa and was able to give it to them and at that time had the
opportunity to talk to them for a while.  They told me both children are doing well and Lin really liked the little shirt I
made.   They told me that they are fortunate that when they are both on the road Lin's mother helps out and takes
care of the children.   Lin also has been job-sharing with Freya a bit, so each will be with the JSO for a week when
they are on a two week tour.    

The following is a short interview I have with Ruud and Lin at their home.
                                                Hello, nice to meet you.  My name is Ruud.  And I am Lin.
                                                Oscar was in his playroom and when asked what is your name, he
                                                answers Oscar and shows of by blowing on his own small trombone.

Ruud comments I have eaten vlaai since I was very small, it is my favorite

Both of you in a way have the same job.
Lin: My husband and I, yes, we are used to it.  A lot of people say to us; you work together with your husband?  I
could never do that. That is terrible.  But I like it very much, of course we do not know anything different then that
we work in the same orchestra.  

Oscar walks through the living room blowing his trombone.  Ruud  and Lin follow
him out the back door to a large barn.   Lin says: my husband works here a lot.   
Ruud gets his trombone and starts to play. Lin joins in and together they play the
Second Waltz.

This little interview was done for the Japanese TV and was done in English.  

Ruud plays a Lechner Trombone, which was hand build in Austria.   He loves Mahler's third.   Ruud is a member at
large of the Brass Band Limburg (
as are several other JSO members)  He also at times plays for the Royal Fanfare
St Joseph in Heerleheide.  

Of course Ruud is not the only one who sings.  Lin was a member of the
Andre sisters and together with Manoe Konings and Renate Dirix she belted
out several songs  a few years ago in Andre's program.  When Renate left, she
was replaced by Stephanie Detry in the Andre Sisters act.
She also is a member of the Theater group Savannah.  

Ruud also has written the music and text of several
Carnival songs.   And just for fun here are a few of them:
Please do not ask me to translate, they are in Mestreechs and are very silly,
after all they are Carnival songs.

2003/2004: Tekst & muziek: Ruud Merx
Zang: Hótvollee

Iech han de tröat vol mit vasteloavend.
Alles wat iech bloas en sjpil, karnaval is wat iech wil.
Jef miech ing tröat en doe hüesj de moezziek sjalle durch ós Kirchroa.
En ing walsje noeët is óch sjun,
wen iech jans hel träote dun.
Iech han de tröat vol mit vasteloavend,
't janse joar, durch dien en dun.

't Is ja nit dat iech nuus angesj zage weul.
Mar al wat iech vertselle dun is flauwekul.
Ja, en wits-te wie dat kunt?

Vruier óp de sjoeël zose vier bijenee.
In de klas, doa woar 't inge durcheree.
Ja, en wits-te wie dat koam?

Jidder wèch, da jon iech noa die träoterij.
Leve jong, dat jieët miech doch ing zouwerij.
Ja, en wits-te wie dat kunt?

2000/2001 nr.3 : Tekst & muziek: Ruud Merx
Zang: Hótvollee

Evvel mit vasteloavend bin iech werm lebendieg
Joa joa mit vasteloavend laan iech miech werm óp
En alle lü vinge miech jans ónverstjtendieg
dat iech nit i-kan haode en dat iech nit sjtop
Iech los miech joa en veul miech ónjeremd jelukkieg
Miech jeet d'r hót umhoeëg en alles jeet vanzelf
Dan jeet 't loos, jee miensj is noen nog nukkieg
Mit vasteloavend bin iech endlieg werm miechzelf

De dónkel daag, die zunt noen werm jekómme
Tse winnieg lóf, iech kan ja koalieg oame
D'r winkter hat miech in de tsang jenoame
Kiek miech ins sjtoa, iech bin jans kapot

Iech bin zoeë blüe, iech durf bauw nüks tse zage
Han óch jing vrung, iech kan alling mer klage
De vaan eroes, koeët iech dat mar ins wage
Hat jinne tswek, 't is mer inne dreum

Joa joa 't is woar, jee leëve oane zörje
Mit pieng en leed, zoeë leëve bringt miech nurje
't Is jenóg, vuur hü en óch vuur mörje
E nui bejin. 't Leëve is tse kót

VIER WILLE ZINGE !    ( We want to sing)
1998/1999: Wöad: Hans Golombiewski - moeziek: Ruud Merx
Oesveurende: Hótvollee  

Vier wille zinge, vier wille danse óp d´r Maat,
van ´s murjens vrug bis in de naat mit üch tsezame zieë.
Vier wille zinge, vier wille sjpringe óp d´r Maat,
bis dat ´t lit weëd oesjemaad, en dan ... adieë.

Vier wille zus, en óch ins zoeë,
doch mit e bis-je zunt vier al vroeë.

Vier wille vräud en óch ins leed,
mar ummer zinge, zoeëlang ´t jeet.

Vier wille dat en óch ins dit.
Zing noen dat lidsje ins mit ós mit.
Ruud Merx, Johann Strauss Orchestra
Lin jong, Johann Strauss Orchestra
Lin grew up in a large musical family as the second of eight children.
For a long time she was unable to choose between ballet, singing or
playing the violin.  She even performed at the circus as a ballerina, but
in the end she chose the violin!   

Ruud has multiple talents: besides being a virtuoso on the trombone
he also has a beautiful voice, when he plays the trombone you can
hear it, he really lets his instrument sing!  
Ruud Merx, Lin Jong Johann Strauss Orchestra
Lin: "and this is Lisa".  Lisa is in a playpen
and at the time around four months old.   
Ruud is in the livingroom with Lisa on his lap.
  Lin comes in with coffee and rijstevlaai. (
typical Limburger treat
Rijstevlaai. click link
for vlaai recipe.
Oh, how can you work with your husband?
Have you been with the Johann Strauss
Orchestra for a long time?
Lin:Yes, when I started with the JSO,
we only had 12 or 13 musicians, now we
have grown to an orchestra of 45.  Back
then it was a very small group, I have
seen it expand and grow.
Arriving at the studio.
Lin with Andre Sisters, Manoe and