Linda Custers, Viola
Linda was born in Maastricht and when not on the road still lives there.

Linda comes from a musical family.  Her father is the director of the Maastricht
conservatory, he also studied ancient music.  Linda studied the violin and the
viola.  After the Conservatory she joined the JSO in September of 2001.  

When she was a child Andre used to give many concerts in and around
Maastricht with his Maastricht Salon Orchestra and she was a great fan of his
When she was about eight years old, she went up to him after one of these
concerts and told him she also played the violin, and she would like to 'be a
proffesional' later, just like him.   She remembers Andre saying to her very
seriously "Are you sure about that?   You will have to study all of yur life, and you
will not know whether you will be able to earn enough money to make ends
meet.     But if it is what you really want and it gives you pleasure every day,
then you should do it....  and then you will get there.   

Sure enough Linda kept practicing, and later after studying the violin, she even
went on to specialize as a Viola player.  Andre turned out to be right, the Viola is
her great love.   However she is still attracted to ancient music.   She studied the
viol and has now also joined Renate Dirix and Joyce Hammer and besides
playing in the JSO she now plays with them in Reincarnatus.


Hobbies: Music, Diving, squash, cars, internet, reading, cooking and wine.

Food; Mediteranian cuisince with lots of garlic!

Drink:  Wine, wiskey... no beer.

Film: too many to name.  I think the Godfather trilogy is excellent.  As a child I
saw the sound of Music about 25 times.  I thought it was great.

Actor/Actress: Do I really have to choose one?  Al Pacino is the first who
springs to mind.   Actress: Meg Ryan.  There may be better actresses, but I
think she is beautiful and has a great personality.

Book/Author:  I read a lot.  Difficult..... the two books I just cannot leave alone
are by Dan Brown; The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons.

Music:  CLassical and medieval, and I am also a big fan of Sting.

Album: All albums by Sting.

Song:  'Shape of my Heart' by Sting

Best concert: Recital by Maxim Vengerov, My favorite violinist, in Tokyo. It gave
me goose bumps.

Worst nightmare:  Terrorism.

Place/Country you would like to visit:  Australia and New Zealand.

Favorite Place:  Rome.

Outlook on life:  Enjoy it.  Try to enjoy everyday and try to do things that you
really want to do.  Try to leave everyone free to choose their own values and
respect everyone's point of view.  Many of the worlds problems are caused by a
lack of respect for each other.
Linda on the Viol during a performance of
Much of this information came  from the Reincarnatus site, some came from Andre's site
and    some I found out when I talked to her.  
Linda Custers, Andre Rieu
Linda Custers, Andre Rieu
Linda Custers, Andre Rieu