Jean Philippe Rieu
       November 2005 De Limburger
Translation by Sonja

On July 3,2004 I wrote the following in one of my news letters.

         HOT of the press.   
        Found in local paper 'de Limburger'  
translation Sonja)

Jean Philippe Rieu has left the music company of his world famous brother Andre
Rieu.   Jean Philippe confirmed this yesterday.  He thinks it is time to do something
different.   Rieu is planning to continue as independent composer, and he will
concentrate on writing music for movies, he is also working on a book for children.   
In 2001 Rieu entered the music world of his brother where he worked as the
manager of the production department.  Before that he studied at the conservatory,
directed the orchestra of that institution and was especially active as composer of  
modern music.    "You could call it a business difference of opinion, but we are not
parting because of a quarrel."  explains Jean Philippe Rieu.  "Once every few years
you have to do something different.   That belongs with the growing process of life.  

I have now (Jan 2006) found the following interesting article.  It looks like
Jean-Philippe is making good progress on his intentions when he left Andre's
For those of you who love piano music, this is beautiful and soothing music.  I loved
the compositions he did together with Andre and his first solo Cd is just as beautiful.
   Andre is not the only talented Rieu brother.  

Jean-Philippe Rieu (48), the younger brother of the                                              
violinist Andre Rieu has made his first Solo-cd.  On the Cd 'Pour toi' Rieu plays
piano music he composed and produced himself.   

Jean-Philippe's CD  was presented this Monday                                                  
evening during the yearly relations day of the RO-group.
consultant firm for municipal renewal and town and country                                                  
)  "I was asked to make a film clip in which the                                         
mission of the RO-group was portrayed.    I worked on that                                  
for a few months and wrote the music to support the movie                                  
musically.  When they heard that I was doing a Solo-cd they                                 
wanted to give it as a business gift".  At the same time                                         
the new Cd makes its debut in France under the label Mosaic                              

About 18 months ago Jean-Philippe left the music company of his world famous
brother Andre Rieu so he could concentrate on composing music, making movies
and painting.   The brothers worked  together intensively for years.   The
cooperation resulted in several compositions, which are on Andre's Cd's.   They
also produced six Cd's and twelve music films.

Besides the Solo-Cd Jean-Philippe has even more artistic productions up his
sleeve.  He also wrote three songs and his aim is to have a Cd produced with these
songs by next year.    Rieu: "What I would have considered impossible last year, is
now a reality. I have recorded it and sang the songs myself."

Besides all that Rieu has also written a book for children with the title: 'Marie and
the Balloon.  The story is about the fairy, Marie, she lives in a poppy.  The lonely
fairy directs her love upon a balloon that comes floating down from the sky.   
Thanks to that love the balloon turns into a person and together they travel and get
lost.  The story is besides in Dutch also in English, German and French available. It
is illustrated by Mark Janssen.   Rieu also wrote music to accompany this story.  
Rieu:" The aim is to have a dvd and a book produced from this children's book by
the summer of 2006".

You can find more information about Jean-Philippe and his endeavours on his web
site at

If you would like to add Jean-Philippe's Cd to your collection you can order it for
19.95 Euro through his website.
Collaboration with Andre
PS Several fans have asked me about payment for this Cd.  It is not easy to pay
overseas.  Banks charge an arm and a leg to transfer money.  I generally when it is
not much sent money in an envelope, but of course that does involve some risk.   I
have therefor written to  Jean-Philippe and suggested that he install a Paypal account.  
 That would make it much easier to pay overseas.

I received a nice note back from him.  It was in Dutch so here is a translation:

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your beautiful mail. (
I sent the note on this piano paper)   My webmaster is
currently installing Paypal, so that payment from the rest of the world will be easy.   
Thank you very much for all your great initiatives and for letting people know about my
web site on your site.

Musical greetings
Jean-Philippe Rieu

Today Feb 13, I received a second e-mail from Jean-Philippe.  This time in English:

Dear Sonja,

Thanks a lot for your email.
Your Cd is on his way to you and Paypal will be installed today.
Musical greetings
Jean-Philippe Rieu

One more note from JP.

At the moment we are preparing our concerts in France and the new cd with the
poems in songs.(in French)...    We will translate everything after the French concerts
in English to make an English program..and cd... so everything will come in poems.....

Musical greetings
Jean-Philippe Rieu