Frédéric Jenniges
                                 Translation Sonja Harper

Born on July 20, 1953 in Congo, where his father was in a Belgian colony
territorial agent and his mother worked as a nurse.    Two months after his
birth he came with his parents to Belgium.

His grandfather was an inspired violin player, and he insisted that his grandchild should learn to
play an instrument.  Frédéric started to learn to play the guitar, but in the meantime discovered his
passion for the Zither.   He started to learn to play the Zither while still in school.    Since at the
time you could major in Zither playing, he decided to study music theory and music history.   During
his studies in Lüttich he traveled regularly to Aachen to take lessons on the instrument.  
When his teacher told him he could teach him nothing more, he continued his studies on his own.

                                       A newspaper advertisement drew the attention of German Zither
                                       players and they invited Jenniges to a concert weekend in
                                       Remscheid.  There he also soon got to know the Langendreerer.
                                       (Langendreer is part of the city of Bochum)   Spontaneously he
                                       decided in 1981, during a rehearsal of the orchestra to join them at
                                        the time the orchestra was under the direction of Fred Witt.  

                                        During that time Frédéric also made some Radio and Television
                                        programs in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the USA.    Because of
                                        a radio broadcast he became acquainted with Andre Rieu.  And in
                                       1988 Rieu hired him for his orchestra.  

                                        In 1999 Frédéric Jenniges, after a break as member, took over as
conductor of the Bochumer Zither Orchestra.  For the rehearsals with Rieu he travels weekly 160
kilometers (80 miles) from Eupen.  His obligation to Rieu's orchestra force him and the Zither
orchestra to be very flexible.
Frederic Jenniges   Andre rieu translations
Andre rieu translations
Freditic Jenniges, zither, Andre rieu
During an Andre concert in 1997
Frederic Jenniges in Vienna 2006
Frederic Jenniges Andre rieu