Frank Steijns
Frank Steijns (born in 1970 in Bilzen)
Has been a violin player for the Strauss orchestra for more than 10 years.
Frank is also the city carillon player for Maastricht, Weert and Heerlen.

Training and Education
Frank studied violin, harmony study and counterpoint at the Lemmens institute in
Leuven.  There he won four first places and in 1994 he graduated in the top of
his class.   For his training for carillon player he went to the Royal Carillon
school in Mechelen in Belgium where in 1991  he graduated Summa cum Laude.   

Carillon player
                                       In October 1994 Frank was named the city carilloneur of Weert.
                                       On  Saturdays at 2:30PM.  Frank plays the carillon of the
                                       St Martinus church in Weert.   It is with 20.000 kg one of the
                                       heaviest carillons in the Netherlands.   In 1995 Frank was named
                                       the assistant carilloneur of Maastricht, next to his father Mathieu
                                      Steijns who has been the carilloneur of Maastricht since 1952.   In
 (Mathieu had been the carillon player for 45 years) Frank
                                       followed in his father's footsteps, when Mathieu stepped down and
                                       Frank became the 13th city carillon player of Maastricht.  The
profession of city carillon player often went from Father to Son,  and from the archives of the city
one can see that the function of carillon player of Maastricht has been in the same family since

Every Saturday at 12:30 Frank plays the historical city carillon in the tower of the City hall in
Maastricht and at special occasions he plays the carillon of the St Servaas church.  
As city carilloneur Frank often plays requests.  You can sent your request to the internet-site of
the city of Maastricht.     Frank calls himself Don Carillone
on the site.

In Heerlen Frank also followed his father and in 1995 he became the city carillon player in that
In the summer he plays the carillon in Heerlen on market days.  

In the Johann Strauss Orchestra Frank stands out.  In 2005 he became the talk of Andre's fans
when during the concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht he "ran up" the stairs to the Servaas church
and played the carillon accompanied by Andre and his Orchestra.
In 2006 he toured with a self-designed mobile carillon with Andre throughout the world. (The
mini-carillon has 28 bells made by the bell foundry Petit & Fritsen)

Frank wrote numerous compositions and arrangements for the carillon.  Several were published
in 1996 in the Weerter Carillon Collection.  The publisher donated this bundle to all the carillon
players in the world.  Compositions from this collection are performed around the world regularly.
Frank also arranged  versions of the The Second Waltz by Dimitri Shostakovich,   Suite from
Beauty and the Beast by Allen Menken.   These arrangements are played all over the world.   
Frank also wrote several arrangements for Andre Rieu.  

Modern music
Frank Steijns is an advocate for present day music.  He performed the premiere of several
composition that he wrote himself.  Spectacular performances have his preference, because they
familiarize a large audience with present day carillon music.   For instance he performed the
concert  'For Whom the Bell Tolls" for carillon and 250 chimes, by the Spanish Composer Llorenc
Barber.  The performance of "Heavy Metal" for carillon and chimes by the Composer Rene
Uijlenhoet from Utrecht made tongues wag.  
                              News about Frank.
             "Land van Weert", Newspaper from Weert  4 July 2007
                                 Translation John deJong/Sonja

The Weerter city carillon player, Franks Steijns, has bought the carillon that Andre and he used
during their 2006 tour throughout the world. During these concerts they introduced the public from
Germany to Japan and from France to the United States to this typical Dutch Instrument. Frank will
conduct concerts with his newly acquired instrument and will also use it for educational purposes.
The instrument is currently being re-tuned and re-assembled.
During the next few months, Frank will be the center of attention as Weert is conducting it's third
Weerter Carillon players festival.
The goal is to have the carillon ready on Sunday, 9 September and use it for the first time as a
concert instrument during the closing performances of the Carillon Tour in the St.Martinus church in
Interview with Frank Steijns
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If you hear bells in the Alps it is most likely a herd
of cows with their cow-bells, except in this case!
Carillon-Konzert 2

The following is part of the wonderful carillon concert Frank gave in
Maastricht in July 2007.   It was recorded by our German friend Gisela.  
Carillon-Konzert Frank Steijns 3

Carillon-Konzert Frank Steijns