Carmen Monarcha
  (born  August 27, 1979) in Belém, Pará, Brazil)

Carmen was born into an artistic family in Belém, Pará,  in northern Brazil,  her
father is a well-known writer and her mother a renowned Brazilian singer.

Her parents moved to Rio de Janiero when she was small, where she spent her
childhood.   In 1995 at age 14, the family moved to Sao Paulo.   There she often
went to her mother's concerts.   The first time she decided she wanted to be a
musician was during one of her mother's concerts in Sao Paulo.  

"I can still remember what a huge impression the music made on me at that
moment. My mother was singing a Brazilian song, accompanied by eight cellos.
And at that moment I knew for sure: I wanted to become a musician. But not a
singer, no! I was immediately in love with the warm sound of the cellos. I
absolutely had to study the cello..."

She received particular praise for her interpretation of
"O Mio Babbino Caro" from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi.
She received critical acclaim as a winner at the Bidu Sayão                               
Vocal Competition, a major international singing competition                             
held annually in Brazil that is named in honor of that country's                            
most famous opera singer, Bidu Sayão

I have spoken to Carmen several times and found her a lovely and friendly girl.  
During the 2005 May Concert tour I was told that she would be leaving the JSO.   
When I went to the concert in Maastricht I had made a special banner for her.   
Carmen, Please don't go.   She noticed it when I held it up and you can see the
expression on her face on the DVD when she saw the banner.   She threw me a kiss
from the stage and I was very pleased to see it on the ZDF show.  I have not seen the
DVD itself yet, but assume it is on it too.      After the concert she came to the front of
the stage and looked for me.   We talked for a while and she told me she will be
moving to Montreal.  Her boyfriend is from Montreal (he was part of the Canadian
group who did Andre's lights).   She also told me she was in contact with the Toronto
opera, but was not sure how that was going to work out, considering the distance
between the cities.   She said she would contact me once she knows where she is
going to perform and I hope she does.   I will let you all know as soon as I hear from

Carmen spots the banner and throws a kiss.   
After the concert she comes to see me

During the concert in Cortona, the Orchestra played "Marina", Carmen sang very
enthusiastically.    Look at her face, even Carla noticed and smiled at her.   Carmen
was singing about her mother Marina Monarcha.    Marina is a very well-known singer
in Brazil.  

                  Interview with Carmen Monarcha
So she learned to play the cello and the piano and at first
trained to be a concert cellist.    
Carmen particularly enjoys playing the music of Gershwin.    
From her father, she inherited a passion for 'words and
Carmen loves literature, and devours every good book that
comes into her hands. Finally she realised that singing
allowed her to combine her two passions: music and
Carmen Monarcha
CArmen Monarcha Andre Rieu translations
Carmen Monarcha
Carmen Monarcha
Marina Monarcha.