These are a few of my favorite things  
Answers Andre gave during an interview on Austrian Radio, when I find out more favorite things I will add them here.

Name                                            Andre Leon Nicolas Marie Rieu

Home                                            Maastricht

Height                                           1 meter 84  (6'1")

Weight                                          82 kilo   (180 lbs) Mmmm, sometimes more

Shoe size                                      43   

Marital status                                Married

Date of Birth                                   I do not remember

Hair color                                      I do not know, what is this.  Brown

Eye color                                      Blue.  Said it in an exaggerated fashion

Favorite movie                               Sound of Music

Favorite flower                              Rose

Favorite animal                              My dogs

Favorite Hobby                              Building.  Repairing and restoring houses
Now we know why he bought the castle)
Favorite Food                                Cheese fondue

Favorite Color                                Bright Blue

Favorites sports person                    I do not know. Hermann Maier
Interviewer suggested this Austrian skier and Andre agreed)                            Favorite
colleagues                           My whole Orchestra

Favorite car                                   Mercedes Mclaren or a Ferrari Enzo is nice too.

Favorite profession                        Musician

Favorite musician                           Many, Many   

Favorite City                                  Maastricht, where I live.            

Favorite perfume                            What is the name? Jako I think
Jako is a men's fragrance. I am not sure if I understood it correctly)
Favorite activity                              Work

Favorite ring tone                           Mine, It sound like a rooster. He makes a rooster sound.

Favorite saying                              By Ravel. (
Andre first says it in French, then translates it into German, so this is                  
                                                                   my translation of the German:)
"Inspiration is nothing but the reward of                        
                                                     daily work.  Meaning one should not just sit and wait and hope that                        
                                                     inspiration comes but one should just work and then it will come.  I                         
                                                     think that is a great saying because it is so true.

          Andre now I am going to give you a choice of two things.

Pork chops or Sushi                        I have to choose?  In that case pork chops, although I like sushi too.

Robin Williams of Madonna            Madonna, because she is a woman.

Bald or overweight                         Overweight

Soccer or skiing                             Soccer

Holland or the Netherlands          The Netherlands, it is the whole county, while Holland for us is the
                                                 North.  When we talk about Holland it is to the North of us.

                             André, if you could be…
From a French article, Translated by Hermina/Sonja

A Season?
Autumn, because I was born in October, and I love the color of nature at this time.

A Country?
The world…. I am a citizen of the world.

A Town?
Maastricht in Holland, my town…

An Animal?
An elephant. I love elephants very much. Look at my necktie, it has approximately ten designs. I love them,
because they are strong and amiable, but they can also look at each other with rage, if they have to.
That shows a little of myself, this here (Laughter)…

An Odor?
The perfume of roses.

A Holiday?
Christmas. It is sacred for me. Every year we celebrate it with the family in Holland. I get offered a lot of money to
play on the evening of the 24th of December, I always refused it.

A Color?
Red… I like it very much.  
(Mmm, in the earlier interview he said blue)

A Word?

A Film?
The Melody of Happiness.

A Trait?
The perseverance.

A Fault?
The Vrijthof in Maastricht