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Printing pages from this site.  

I often have fans write me that they cannot print the pages on this site.  That only half the page prints  I am sorry,  
I do not know how to set it up so you can also print the pages.  
The site is made for reading and is set up for 1024 by 768 resolution.  I am not computer literate enough to know
how to set it up so you can also print it.
However, most printers can also  print in landscape mode, when your printer box comes up, go to preferences,
there go to features.   Printers are usually set up in Portrait mode, at features you can choose to set up your
preference and here you can change it to landscape mode and your printer will print the page on the width of the
paper and Voila you have the whole page.   You may miss a few letters, but from now on I will make all the new
pages a bit narrower so you can print the pages in landscape mode.  Hope that helps.
Why do some fans wear a Red Flower?

I originally had the idea that the fans from this site, who in 2004 worked so hard to help
with Andre's promotion would wear a red carnation to the concerts, so we would
recognize each other.   We started this during the concert tour of 2004 and by now many
fans that visit this site, have taken over the idea.  You will even see fans in Europe with
red flowers.   Andre and his crew recognize the flowers and know what they stand for,
and they have commented on them.    The flower originally was a carnation, but has
turned into any red flower, carnations are a bit hard to find at times.   I have started to
wear an artificial carnation with some baby's breath.   But any red flower is fine and Andre
used a red rose on his CD this year. For the fans from this site it is a fun way to recognize
one other at the different concerts.     
I work hard on this site, please respect it and follow these simple rules.   You are free:  to copy,   
distribute, display, and use the pictures, translations and information.
Under the following conditions:

                   Attribution. You must attribute the work to this website.  

                   Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

                   No Derivative Works. You may not alter, or change the work.

For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.